Tuesday, 30 October 2012

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

So to kick-start this blog i thought it would be a good idea to do the 25 things you don’t know about me tag.... that way ye can decide for yourselves if you like to read what i babble on about!

1:  I have just one sister and no brothers, she is 2 years younger then me and we nicknamed her Polly!

2: I studied Business Studies in University but dropped out after 2 years

3: My family & friends are the most important people in my life and l love them very very much!

4: I have a dog, her name is Polly(named after my sister see no.1!)- i rescued her just over 12 months ago

5: I live with my partner of 9 years

6: My favourite place to shop is Pennys...but some day i'd love to have the cash to shop in BT!

7: I lived in New Zealand for 2 years

8: I have 2 best friends!!!..A girl & a guy that i used to live with in Uni

9: I feel like my nails are Naked if I don’t have nail polish on

10: I feel like my ears are Naked without earrings

11: I HATE jingly, jangly jewellery- that includes Bangles (even if someone else is wearing them), long earrings, long chains etc. The look lovely but I hate wearing them!

12: I am a bookworm and LOVE reading, i devour about a book a week!

13: I love charity shop shopping!!!!- I’m a big bargain hunter!

14: I have a soft spot for Cans (never bottles ) of Coke (as in Coke-a-Cola not the other dangerous stuff!!)

15: I work part time as a waitress

16: I am obsessed with watching Beauty Gurus on YouTube and reading beauty blogs

17: I LOVED school!!!..I’d happily go back if i could!

18: I am a romantic at heart and love soppy films like The Notebook.

19: I cry at the drop of a hat when it comes to watching movies

20:  I did a Personal Development Course last year & rate it as the best thing i’ve ever done!

21: I used to work for a magazine selling advertising

22: I met my friend Hannah through the internet!!!!!- she introduced me to YouTube Gurus, Blogging and all things pretty and beautiful...and she designed this blog!!!Hannah's Blog is here!

23: I hope to get on a Beautician training course in the New Year

24: I could take or leave Christmas

25: ..Phew...that was harder then i expected...just one more...come on Corinna... you can do it....ammmmm....ammmmm....ammm... oh yea...I love my I-phone..couldn’t live without it! J

 So there we go, i think it’s always nice to know a bit about the person behind a blog so hopefully this post will help ye get to know me a bit better.
I’d love to hear a bit about ye all....whoever’s out there...come out and say hello!!! I won’t bite...I promise!!!!

Until Next Time,



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