Thursday, 1 November 2012

Epilator Love...YES LOVE

These are my top tips for  epilating your legs!

I use the Braun Silk Epil Xelle  which I purchased in Boots about 5 years cost over €100 then, but can be purchased for around the €50 mark now!
1)    Before you ever touch your legs with an epilator get them waxed- epilating stubbly shaved legs with thick hairs is incredibly painful- then begin to epilate once the hairs start growing back

2)    Never epilate when it's that horrible time of the month- you are more sensitive then and it will be more painful

3)    EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE, the days coming up to epilation day, a few days after and regularly between epilations if you are prone to ingrown hairs like me!

4)    Only Epilate when you have time to devote to your legs...lots of time.. I always set aside an hour- starting and then having to run off to do something is not a good idea

5)    When you decide to start-START- no dilly to yourself while you do it...grit your teeth and just keep repeating ‘it will be worth it’ ‘keep going’ or my personal mantra ‘keep ploughing on’

6)    Keep your skin taut while epilating- it helps reduce pain factor

7)    Take some painkillers 20 minutes before if you really want to minimise pain

8)    Complete one leg at a time- don’t stop midway for a break- as you keep going the pain minimises- your skin gets used of it- stopping for a coffee mid leg is not a good idea, i can almost guarantee you won’t go back to it!!

9)    Once one leg is done- go straight onto the next leg, again no dilly dallying...just keep going

10) I find epilating after a shower easier also as your skin is nice and soft and the hairs seem to pop out that bit easier.Do not shower after epilating- or for the rest of that day

11) Keep it up!- I epilate once i week- i found when epilating every single day or every second day my hair growth went crazy.....I had hairs appearing constantly- when epilating only once a week, or once every second week my hair growth is more regulated & i am ‘getting’ more hairs at a time.

Epilating is not the worst thing in the world, it has helped me regain my leg confidence (after years of not ever exposing my legs!) and now I love shopping for dresses, shorts and skirts.

Another tip is fake tan, before I ever expose my newly hair free legs I always fake tan them and then for an extra polished finish I use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Medium Glow.

Anyone tried epiliating before? How did you find it?



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