Monday, 5 November 2012

Best Friends.....

This is a bit of a mushy lovey dovey post but here goes..... I’m very lucky to have such good reliable, dependable friends that I love in my life & I wanted to honour them here by mentioning them each individually. I’m gonna give them nicknames- they’ll all know who they are, and I’ll send them a link to this post- this will be the first most of them will have heard about my blog-my surprise to them!!!

All the people mentioned here are my nearest and dearest friends, so they are in no particular order, I love them all equally but in different ways and for different reasons!
Mr.Blahblahblah: What can I say, we’ve been best friends for 10 years, he is my companion in life, the person I turn to when I’m happy, sad, excited or lonely. He is the person that knows me better than anyone, sometimes I think he knows me better then myself! He makes me laugh every single day, gives the best cuddles, has a wicked sense of humour and we share the same outlook on life!

Miss Accountant: We’re friends since college-I used to ‘borrow’ her notes, we lived together and have loads of memories of the fun we had. We talk every single day, (for hours!!!), she is a super listener, great craic and keeps me on the straight and narrow!
I know she will always be there for me in times of crisis and times of happiness. We’ve been through lots of life's ups and downs together- discussed life, dissected life, analysed life and always end a conversation with about 10 goodbyes! She is my reliable, trustworthy, fun friend & I love her very much

Mr. Teacher: Another college friend- that's 8 years of knowing one another now!!!This is my cool, easygoing, jammy dodger friend. Everything always works out for him!!!(lucky fecker!!)
A great listener, also been through lots of ups and downs with me- but instead of dissecting life his usual response to any problem is ‘don’t worry it will all work out in the end’ and it usually does! Reliable, honest, trustworthy & funny !! (also single ladies....!!!- he’s a catch....e-mail me if interested!!!)

Mrs.Long Distance Friend: I used to live in New Zealand- this is my NZ friend. We havn’t seen one another in two and a half years, but we still e-mail lots. I’m crap at keeping in touch with friends who’ve moved etc, but Mrs.Long Distance is such an important person in my life I’ve made a real effort to stay in contact & its paid off.
I can tell her anything, and I always get an honest (sometimes brutally honest) reply, she keeps me grounded and real. She is funny, witty and a real hard worker- she reminds me that with hard work and commitment you can achieve your dreams- like she has!

Miss.Blogger: As I describe her to the people already mentioned ‘my Internet friend’ – she introduced me to the world of blogging and for that I thank her very much. We don’t know one another very long, but in the time we have known one another, I’ve grown to love her just as much as my other friends!!!!..
She is funny, quirky (in a good way!!!) &  beautiful person inside and out. I know in 10 years time she will still be on my ‘nearest & dearest’ list of friends!

So there we go, our friends are the family we create for ourselves and I truly see all the people mentioned as part of my family!

So who are your best friends? u have nicknames for them like I do??...what makes a friend special for u?

Until next time!



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