Monday, 10 December 2012


Hello we all have those ‘down days’ and stressful times of our life every now and then,The following is a list of things I do to help snap me out of those horrible moods and de-stress...

-Pampering- face masks, hair masks, & a long hot shower

-Going for a walk- no matter how long or short a walk, I find just getting out into the fresh air helps me. (I’ve even been known to do this in the rain and then follow up with pampering as above!)

-A Treat- I’m on a any treat does, a magazine, an ice—cream, chocolate....

-Listening to some of my favourite music

-Painting my nails. This might sounds silly for some but I find it very relaxing

-Talking to a friend. I’m very lucky I have several friends I can ring if ever feeling low- some are great to help me talk through my problems, others make me laugh...and i love them all.

-Watching Videos on Youtube of my favourite Volggers and Gurus.

-Cooking a really really nice dinner. I’m not ‘into’ cooking but there is nothing more comforting on a cold miserable day then a good stew, or homemade soup!...(please don’t ask for recipes...I’m crap at cooking!!) 

I’m lucky that days like this don’t happen me often, but when they do the above list are my weapons against feeling crappy!!!!!!

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